Nov 3, 2011

Kay , I have NOTHING to talk about

Kay , there's nothing to talk about cuma I'm a bit annoyed lha yang Zayyad tu . IDK lha , It's undescribable .

The longer I watch his attitudes that wanna attract me by annoying me makes me REALLY annoying but I still like him though on and BTW , pagi tadi SYOK gila . Hangout with my friends and all , YESTERDAY was a blast too ! Played in the rain , ran around with Eikyn like CRAZY CHICKS xD Today ? A memory to live forever

Nov 1, 2011

SAYANG , sayang , SAYANG


Yep , lately Izzah ade jatuh cinta , *FALL IN LOVE* :O with this guy :

Muhd Zayyad Marzuki . (: Die Mr. Simple , tak hensem , and bnyk agy yg I like about him .. 
So , Izzah ade edit gambar . Entah die suke izzah ke tak , biar jelah kan ? At least Izzah confront a.k.a jujur dgn dy unlike him yang kwn2 dy ckp dgn Izzah . So , whatever jelah :D

Check this picture out (:

 admires ;D