Aug 13, 2011

I love Taylor Swift baybeh !~

Aug 12, 2011

it's true honey !~

i love you !

I wrote your name on a piece of paper but by accident , i threw it away . ;(
I wrote your name on my hand but it washed away . :'/
I wrote your name on the sand but the waves whispered it away . ;'O
I wrote your name on my heart , and FOREVER IT WILL STAY :'D

Forever and always baby . you're the one and only :')  <3

Everyday , we laugh and play . We tell each other jokes . But the things that lasts forever , are our funny quotes . So , crack a smile and laugh out loud cause we're gonna be friends for a LONG LONG TIME :)

Heh~ We are cracked xD :) We love to . Nobody can change us baby . i won't let 'em to ! :') #justSMILE cause we'll be together forever

My arguement with Ekyn

Aye , you guys know i argue with Ekyn rite ?
Yeah , it was because she was too sensitive , LOL !~ Kidding , but i don't wanna talk about the pass rite ? :)

Sabrina Jamilee , that gurl !!!
 She didn't wanna talk / be friends with me neither but when im friends with Ekyn , she was like telling everyone lies about me and OMG !!!
She also told them not to be friends with me ! Uh , hello , Bitch , they're my friends !
You should go to HELL ! Cause , devils are being chained in Hell on this holy Ramadhan and i don't know what are you to lie and make slaves bout people . maybe you are a devil ! =P

Aug 7, 2011

My love for you FOREVER~

I go onto my laptop everyday , hoping you'll tweet me or reblog bout me or even wall me on Facebook

And , everyday I tell you to have a nice day although I wanna be the nicest thing to make you happy

And , the sweetest thing being with you is YOU .

Thank you for making me happy all this while yow !~ My love for you will never fade . :')


So , since im afraid i can't handle this blog on my own , i asked my friend to be an admin too .

Left , Izzah . Right , Ekyn

A little info bout my self ;

  • Nurul Izzah Amin
  • March 17 , 1999
  • Malay + Chinese Muslim
  • Proton City
  • SK Proton City
  • Justin Bieber , Taylor Swift , Bruno Mars

A little info bout her self ;
  • Nurul Asyikin Zin
  • June 16 , 1999
  • Malay + Chinese Muslim
  • Taman Bernam Baru
  • SK Proton City
  • Bruno Mars , Taylor Swift , Justin Bieber
We'll post on this blog . Her posts has her name , don't worry , you'll know who posts when ;)

Love has its concequences

The feeling when you're in love

10 : you're shy when you talk to him/her
09 : you notice you smile when you're talking to him/her
08 : you see only him/her although there are million of peoples
06 : he's/she's always in yo mind
05 : happy when you talk to him/her
04 : you will try as hard as possible to keep in touch with him/her
03 : when you read this pont , you remember him
02 : you're too busy remembering him till you didn't notice there wasn't number 07
01 : you laugh after realising there wasn't any number 07

HAHA~ but that's only the happy side

When he dumps you , you'll feel tears every time remembering him . You keep on feeling it was your fault . Some people suicide to lose the pain they're bearing . Sometimes it's just better if we don't fall in love but

Sabda Allah Subhanah Wa Taala : Bernikah itu wajib , bercerai itu berdosa .
Syurga seorang isteri di bawah telapak kaki suami

So , don't make wrong decisions when dating someone , even dating is HARAM ! Love after you get married , that's what people say . Plus , heaven for a wife is under her husband's feet so dont fall in love with the wrong person cause they may end up something we don't know~

Love HURTS but we gotta LIVE LIFE no matter what , don't think suicide is the only solution


Friends mean alot to me . They are like my family but to me they are wayyy caring . My family are always busy that's why . i love my friends . at school , on social networks , at my hometown and all .

Friends can't be replaced with a pretty diamond ,
Friends can't be replaced with money ;
They are prettier than diamonds you wear ,
And priceless with the money you have .

~Mira Aina Sah
~Nurul Asyikin Zin
~Ainul Afifa Nizam
~Fatin Nur Adriana Hakimi
~Farha Taj
~Nurul Zulaikha Zakaria
~Khairunisa Yasmin Khair
~Nur Nadia Abu Said
~Sofiah Sani
~Airin Natasha Fauzi
~Zalisha Zainuddin
~Afaf Umairah
~Huda Amani
~Nur Afiqah Wazir
~Elis Farhana Mashudi
~Nur Amirah Asri
~Hidayati Yusof
~Wan Nur Liyana Shahrir

My friends I love~ They can never be replaced with anything

A Fasting month~

Yeah , everyone's happy the fasting season is here . Even some aren't . This is the holy month of Ramadhan , where we seek for forgiveness to Allah S.W.T . We should be happy it's here , do prayers , pray to Allah , forgive those who made mistakes and also seek for forgiveness from whom we did wrong . Life isn't perfect , let's repent on this Holy Ramadhan
You take care. People always get their second chance. Don't worry
Sedangkan Nabi ampunkan umat , inikan pula kita manusia biasa. 
Pintu taubat sentiasa dibuka Allah :)

 admires ;D