Oct 19, 2011

WOW !! WOW !! WOW !! I loveeee

Ishhhh !!

Ishhh , I can't log in to Twitter , sign up for Twitter ! What the fish ?!

GAAAAAH~ What's wrong with Twitter rite now ?!!! I hate it I hate it I hate it !! =,=
Lemme bang this computer . Thank Goodness this is a property to SKPC orI'd just bang it off -,-

You're too ...

You're too SWEET for me to TEASE WITH
You're too ANNOYING for me to LOVE
You're too HATE-ABLE for me to KNOW YOU
You're too HANDSOME for me to BEFRIEND WITH

It's either my fault for loving you or yours for coming here .
There ain't a way for us to befriends , be in love or to hate each other . Lebih baik lupakan diri masing2 , for our own good (';


Macam takde orang lain kat dunia nie yang ditugaskan untuk mengacau aku kan ?

  =Menyakitkan hati

Aku tak kisah ah die buat camtu but tiap kali gaduh dengan die , sah2 aku mimpi pasal di tuh =,= GRRR~

BenciBenciBenciBenci !!! I'll stay strong , I know I can stand seeing his UGLY , UN-HANDSOME face !!

 admires ;D